Air transport/airline reservations
Flying to Tenerife takes 5 hours or more, depending on the number of transfers.
The island is easily accessible by air. It has two airports - TENERIFE SUR in the South and TENERIFE NORTE in the North. The airport in the South handles more than four million travellers a year, the vast majority of them being tourists. Recreational areas are 15 minutes' to one hour's drive from the airport. The airport in the North is about 12 kilometres from the capital, Santa Cruz. It is mainly used for traffic between the island and Spain, locally referred to as the "Peninsula".
The two airports are well served by taxis that will take you directly to tourist hotels at reasonable fares of about 30 euros. A drive from Aeropuerto Sur to the northern part of the island is more expensive, it will set you back approximately 100 euros. Fortunately, both airports are well connected to the excellent local bus service network. A ride by coach from the Norte airport to Puerto de la Cruz is about 6 euros per person. A bus service is available approximately every 20 minutes. Both airports offer frequent connections to the other Canary Islands, with the exception of La Gomera, by the local airlines BINTER CANARIAS and ISLA. Flight time ranges from 30 minutes to Gran Canaria to an hour to the other islands.

Flights can be booked from specialised travel agencies or directly with the airlines such as IBERIA, AIR BERLIN, RYANAIR, MONARCH.
The use of search engines to book your air tickets is another attractive option. We would like to recommend OPODO and the newly developed AZAIR for the advanced user. On top of the web page there are links to almost all low-cost airlines.

Going by sea
When looking to spend more time on Tenerife, you might consider coming there by car. In which case, it is necessary to go by sea. Using the services of the shipping company ACCIONA from Cadiz, Spain, is the easiest option. Another option would be going with ARMAS, which runs their services from Huelva, Spain, or Portimao, Portugal. Depending on the weather, the voyage to Tenerife takes 40 to 60 hours. Cabins with 2 or 4 beds can be booked either without windows (interior cabins) or as exterior ones with fixed windows. Meals are served on the ferry in the form of a simple buffet 3 times a day; you can also have your "a la carte" meals at the restaurant. The ferry usually has a swimming pool, snack bars and a lounge. No Internet connection is usually available, but you can use data SIM cards available from the Spanish operator Movistar. The ferries primarily carry lorries and their drivers, and one should not anticipate luxurious amenities there. Expect to pay 700 to 1000 euros for a car and two people.
Like air tickets, ferry tickets can be obtained from specialised travel agents or directly from the shipping company. A third option would be to use search engines; we recommend DIRECTFERRIES.

There are ferry connections between the Canary Islands and you can take your car on the ferry. From Tenerife feries of ARMAS and FRED.OLSEN sail either from the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, or from Playa Las Americas in the South. The voyage to La Gomera from the South takes about half an hour and a trip to Gran Canaria lasts about an hour and a half. Sailing to La Palma takes about 3 hours and to El Hiero about 2 hours. The islands of Lanzarote and Funteventura are about 7 hours away. The other islands are also interconnected by ferry services.


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